Alberto Dionigi has broad experience in the field of furnishing and interior design :

1982-1985 Graduation (3 years course) in “furniture draftsman”

1985 - 1987 Graduation in Furniture Design and Manufacturing

1987- 1993 University degree in architecture –with Industrial Design and Interior Design focus– Politecnico Milan (Italy) (5 years)

1994-1995 Architectural studio B&P Milan - houses and flats projects and refurbishing

1995-1996 Targa Italia cooperation and development of new furniture projects.

1996 – 1997 Heineken Italy consultant in charge for elaboration of pubs chain

1997-1999 In charge for Italy of all Jammin’ pubs development and achievement.

1999-2001 Molteni & C. (Giussano-Mi-Italy) Cartier Boutiques and hotels development

2001-2004 designer for Lamm Co. (S.Secondo/Parma- Italy)

2004-2005 Restoration of flats in modern Milan building

2006 Knoll International consultant (Product Engineer)

2007- 2009 B&B Italia consultant for Home Division (retail) and Contract Division (project manager)